What Is Virtual Server vs Dedicated Server and How Does It Work?

Introduction: Virtual Server vs Dedicated Server

A Server can include Hardware, Software or a combination of the two .It is used to provide different services to clients. It uses a Network to work in a Client – Server Architecture . It can come in a number of different forms and can be used to provide a variety of services .Examples include a Peer to Peer Server , Mainframe Server or a Dedicated Software Programe. The main function of a server is to process requests from other computers called clients and respond to the requests .It can also be used to share resources and distribute work.

Servers are classified into different types based on the purpose for which they are designed.Computing Server , Fax Server , Mail server and Media server are a few examples of different types of Servers that exist.

In a Client – Server architecture the Server is connected to a Client through a Network.This Network is used for communication between the Server and the Client.The most popular operating Systems that is used in Servers are Microsoft Windows Servers , Linux / Unix Servers and Net Ware

“The most popular operating Systems that is used in Servers are Microsoft Windows Servers , Linux / Unix Servers and Net Ware”

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Virtual vs Dedicated Server

How do Servers work

In a Client- Server a server model works using a Request-Response system.A Server uses a Network to communicate with its Clients. The Client can send requests to the server over the Network . The server then processes this request and send a response to the Client.

For Example a Computer connected to the Internet is a client and the Internet is the Network through which the Client can communicate with the Server on which the information for a specific website is stored.When the client sends a request to access specific information through the Internet.The Server then processes this request and responds to the Client through the Network.

This Article aims to explain a Virtual Server and a Dedicated Server explain the Features , Applications Benefits and Limits of Each. – NOT SURE IF THIS SENTENCE IS NECESSARY

Virtual Server vs Dedicated Server

Virtual Server

A Virtual server exists within a software called hypervisor.Using this software it can simulate a number of Different dedicated Servers in one single Machine .It is therefore capable of storing information from a number of different clients on one Machine.

The Hipervisor can create multiple Virtual Servers in a virtual environment by emulating hardware and then using this hardware to create multiple number of Virtual Dedicated Servers.Each Virtual Server has its own dedicated Operating System. A Hypervisor is capable of running multiple Virtual Servers. A Virtual server is capable of being used by a number of different clients on a Single Machine.

“another five or six years I suppose, that’s definitely what I’ll do”


Virtualisation uses a Hypervisor or a Container Engine to create multiple virtual Servers on one physical server. The different types of Virtualisation are Full Virtualisation , OS-Level Virtualisation,Para Virtualisation and Hybrid Virtualisation.

Although Physically Similar to a Shared Server , a Virtual Server is different in the way in which resources are allocated to the clients. A Virtual Server also uses different software from a Shared Server.The Hardware required for Virtual Servers are house in Private Data Centers.Clients can remotely access their Vitual Servers using software


A Virtual server can be accessed by clients in different locations from around the World . It is much more accessible to clients in different locations and does not require investment in space or Equipment because the Equipment required is housed in Private Data Centers. The need to physically access the Server is eliminated through the use of tools like Remote Management.

Hosting on a virtual Server is a cheaper alternative in terms of prices when compared to hosting on Dedicated Server. The Host divides the cost of hardware and other associated expenses among the different clients being hosted on the Virtual Server resulting in each client paying substantially less when compared to a dedicated Server. This reuslts in prices that are more accessible for clients who may not be able to afford neither have the necessity to host on a Dedicated Server.

A Server in a virtual environment is easier to scale up.Scaling up or down can be achieved chaing the amount of resources allocated  to different clients . Scaling does not require any additional Hardware.This makes it easy and helps keep the costs down as well.A Virtual Server is flexible as well because the information stored on a Virtual Server can be transferred easily to another server.

It is also easier to Backup and Restore Information as well.Technical support is often provided by the virtual Hosting service for an extra Fee or sometimes included in the Hosting charges. This makes its easy to access Support to Configure , Maintain and Troubleshoot a Virtual Server.


A number of different Virtual Servers that are installed on one machine can lead to a greater competition for Bandwidth and Computing power.It can also result in increased Energy consumption  and to an increase in time it takes to Respond to Requests.Reponse and Request times are also determined by the amount of bandwidth used by other clients hosted on the virtual server.Clients who use a lot of bandwidth and Resources can detrimentally affect the performance of other clients.

It is much more difficult to configure and manage the setting on the different Servers that exist in the virtual Environment because Server is assigned an Operating system.This means that each client has to configured  individually which is Time Consuming

Although it is not as expensive to set up a Dedicated Server , software used by Virtual Servers can be expensive .In addition they have to be renewed on a regular basis leading  to additional expenses on a recurring basis.

Virtual Servers are also limited by the Amount of Space that they have since they usually exist in a virtual environment on one Physical Machine. Other limitations include the inability to to install software that require a lot of processing power and are know to be Memory and Storage Intensive .Conflicts can also arise when the software used by one client maybe seen as a potential threat by another client or clients.

A Virtual Server is also less secure because because potentially harmful programmes that may be running in other clients website may compromise the security of the enitre Server.Another vulnerability is the threat posed by clients whose VPS Servers are unsecured.An Attacker can use this to compromise the security systems , gain access to the information stored on the Server and  of the Server.

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated server is used for the hosting information of one client. Since a Dedicated Server only has One client , the problems associated with Sharing Computing Resources are non-existant. This results in the client having full access to the computing power of the Server with the Amount of Physical Hardware of the Server has being the only limiting Factor.

The two most common types of dedicated Servers are Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. In a managed Dedicated Server the Host is reponsible for Configuring , Administering performing Maintenance and troubleshooting .In most cases the host also provides technical Support as well.

In an Unmanaged Dedicated Server the hosting company is only responsible for providing and performing maintaience for the necessary Hardware .Everything else which includes Configuring , Troubleshooting , Maintenance and Support is the responsibility of the client. The client is also responsible for performing regular backup operations. 


Clients being hosted on a dedicated Server can take advantage of the computing hardware of the server has to the fullest possible extent.Dedicated Servers are also considered safer than Virtual Servers from outside attacks .Dedicated Servers can create a Virtual Machines on one Dedicated Server. Each Virtual Machine is capable of performing a specialised task.

Dedicated Servers are capable of providing unmatched speed and Computing power.This results in them becoming the fastest type of Server.They are mainly for Hosting and File Storage. A number of different companies use dedicated servers to host their servers and information.


They have Lower latency rates results ,this results in faster response and load times in case of websites.They also have a much higher bandwidth when compared with a Virtual Server since the entire  bandwidth is only used by particular client. It can provide the client full access to the Resources available that are available. Resources can be managed more effeciently managed which can prevent breaches in security. Its easier to track Software installations as well.

They are also more secure because information in a dedicated Server is not shared with any other client.Moreover they permit Security Applications to run at full Potential thereby minimising the chances of attacks from outside.This is the reason why they are considered safer.

The host provides the Root Key to access the Server to the client. This gives the client full control over the settings. The settings can be configured according to the requirements of the Client.


Scaling a Dedicated Server is expensive since it requires additional Hardware , Space and Time. It can also lead to an increase in Electricity consumption as well thereby leading to additional costs.

Hardware necessary for setting up a Dedicated Server is very expensive . It is very Capital Intensive to purchase the equipment necessary and configure the Server.Additional expenses may include the cost of Space required to house the Server , Routine Maintenance costs and additional expenses that may arise.Repairs and Maintenance and the cost of Spare parts and cost of Equipment if any expansion is necessary are other possible expenses.

Systems have to put in place in case to ensure that the host does not loose access to the server since the server may have to go offline if additional Hardware has to be installed.

Equipment used for Servers also require space since they are usually big depending on the number of towers .In addition they are usually stored in a temperature controlled environment to ensure that the temperature remains within limits required by the Equipment to function at peak properly.

Comparison between Virtual vs Dedicated Server


Virtual Servers have helped make hosting more accessible to clients with limited Capital to invest in a dedicated Server. In doing so they have helped open up the market to a number of clients who were not able to access hosting solutions due to a high cost of entry in Hosting on a dedicated Server.

A combination of accessible prices for hosting along from sharing Hardware costs  and the use of Remote Access to modify and configure Servers.These two Factors combined are the possible reasons for the reduction in Hosting prices making prices more accessible.

This has allowed the market to achieve substantial growth without the need for substanial investment in Hardware.As a result hosting services are much more common than they were many years ago. Virtual Servers are ideal for Small to Medium sized businesses and companies with limited capital.

While dedicated Servers are considered to be safer from outside attacks , a virtual server is safe from Internal threats .Instaces are automatically in a virtual Server. These instances can be used to recreate a possible scenario making easier to identify and fix any potential problem that may arise.

Dedicated Servers can be an attarctive alternative for an Business or Company planning to expand.Although they are more Captial Intesive they are much faster and are fully customisable since by the client.In addition they also offer the client the ability to choose between a managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting.

They are also much more secure and allow Memory and storage intensive software to be installed and perform at peak effeciency.

The type of Server that is chosen depends on the requirements of the client as well as the Capital that is avaialbe for hosting.Another factor which determines the choice of hosting solution is the Amount and the type of information.If the client does not have enough information or content which requires a lot of space , or applications that do not consume lots of Storage space or Memory a Virtual Server is better

Which type of Server is better is than the other is relative to the priorities of the client involved . While a Virtual Server maybe the ideal solution for some clients other clients needs are better served by using a Dedicated Server.

A Virtual Server maybe a good choice for a Client who wants to host websites or a Mailserver,  a Dedicated Server is much better at meeting the requirements of a Client who requires large amount of Space to store sensitive information, uses Memory intensive applications and a large Amount of bandwith. This is the main reason why large Corporations and companies have their own dedicated Servers or hosting solution.Safety is also another important consideration. In conclusion the type of Server that is used depends on the requirements of the client .


What is a Server?

A server is used to perform services to a client. It works as a part of a network. The Network has used a line of communication between the Server and the Client in a Client-Server architecture. Examples include Peer Peer Servers, Mainframe servers.

What are Servers used for?

Answer – Servers have a number of different applications. They can be used for Cataloging, Computing, Gaming, work as a part of a Fax System.

How does a Server work?

In a Client-Server Architecture, a server works using a Request-Response system. In a server used for hosting a website or parts of a website, a Client can connect to the server hosting the website over the internet. The client computer can then request the Server to access Information. The Server then processes this Request and Responds in an appropriate manner.

What is a Virtual Server and how does it work?

A Virtual Server uses software called a hypervisor to create a number of different Servers. The Hypervisor uses a virtual environment to create multiple Virtual Servers. Each Server functions like a dedicated Server. It works with the Help of Software that is able to create different servers in a virtual environment. This results in one Server being able to host a number of different clients using a Virtual Server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Answer –  A dedicated server is a Server used only to host one Client.

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